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When it comes to cosplay, the materials to choose in order to build your outfit are fairly straightforward, right?  Your props, on the other hand, are much less certain. Today on the show, Anthony and Jason give a rundown on a few of the major materials that are typically used in most cosplay prop builds, as well as the pros and cons of each.  The goal here is to help you first-timers break into the wonderful world of prop building without too much trouble.  Moving forward, we plan on doing full shows on each of these methods, complete with photos and maybe even a video – who knows?!

As our example prop, we used Soldier 76’s gun from Overwatch as a great example of just how complex your prop build could potentially get.


SOldier 76's gun, from Overwatch. We use this as an example in our show today!
Soldier 76’s gun, from Overwatch. We use this as an example in our show today!




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  • Hey guys I just started listening to your podcasts while working on my master mold for my mandalorian helmet. Listening to you guys talk about intro to props was remeniscient to me of trying all of those things for the first time and wanting to shoot myself in the foot with worbla lol. Anyway I just wanted to say great job! (Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan) lol.

    Maybe you guys should do a podcast on casting and molding? That’s what I’m expierimenting with this expo 🙂
    Anthony do you have a cosplay page? You guys should check out mine! It’s not amazing but it’s okay. Archon azraell!

    • Thank for the comment, and for listening! Anthony’s page is Ronin Cosplay – I’ll pass him yours as well. Great idea, we’ll see who we can find to come on the show!


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